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It's a funny and touching story of a Conductor's struggle against his disobended Orchestra...

Summery of the plot:
A famous Orchestra comes to a small town. During the concert Maestro quarreled with his Orchestra. All things hinder the concert. Prima Donna levitates over the stage. The Strange Bird steals an orchestral drum. A sleepy Neighbor, disturbed by music, comes and makes a scandal .... Concert on the verge of failure. Who will save the situation? Help comes from the most unexpected side. It turns out that the inconspicuous and silly assistant of the Maestro secretly plays music on such "non-musical" subjects as a construction saw, crystal glasses, alarm clocks. In his hands, all the objects sound. The concert is saved - Long Live Music

The show is largely based on:
Denis Klopov's "Marvelous musical instruments Show" , featuring Music of Vine Glasses, Laser Harp, Theremin, Musical Saw idiophone among others.

The show was expanded by adding - Aerial, Acrobatics, Balancing, Antipode,Rola-rola, Illusion and Juggling acts.

Plus virtuoso musical jokes by a string quartet performing classical and contemporary pieces.

The show's language is that of physical theatre, so it is international and does not need a translation. Parts of the show are interactive, breaking the forth wall, to make the audience to take an active part in Maestro's musical adventures.

Show was performed dozens of times on prominent Moscow stages, including Moscow International House of Music, Moscow Actors Centre, Moscow Music Hall...
"Idee fixe" in 2011 went on tour in France and Switzerland giving more than 40 shows on most famous theater stages.
2016 - German Variety Theaters.
2018 - tour in China. Bigest and most famous filarmonic and theater stages.

Show performed by renowned and award winning Moscow circus artists  Andrey Snezhkovskiy, Fillip Lysanov, Olga Golubeva, Denis Klopov.
and a fantastic virtuosos of violin: a string quintet "Violante"

Written and directed by Denis Klopov.




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