"LampadAIRe" - a street lamp (fr.)

This is an act full of passion and poetry,
which aims to share emotions though
uncommon and limitless body language.
Contortion, aerial stunts and
acrobatics become a means of expression
for higher purpose. 




Rigging - technical information

1. Motor. Our motor is 380V 5kWt.
Our electricity plug is: 5-pin, size 32.
We need a possibility to connect our cabel
not far then 10 meters from a point where our motor will be placed.
For fixing a motor we need a rigging point in the ground or floor. It have to be strong enough to care 250 kg.
2/3 Rigging points. Have to be strong enough to care 250 kg.
3.Minimal hight - 5 meters
4. Light spots or other equipment have to be minimum 2 meters far from the cabel.
5. Free space on the stage have to be a sircle R=5 meters minimum. 

Olga Golubeva - resume

Contortionist and Aerial gymnast Olga Golubeva graduated from Moscow Circus School in 2005year.
Her diverse skill set includes: "Free-flying Pole", "Contortion with ball", "Aerial Silk", "Aerial Silks Duo".
She is also trained in contemporary dance, modeling and acting. Olga can perform her acts in different styles.

2017 -2018 - Friedrichsbau Variety Theatre, Stuttgart, Germany. Free-flying Pole.
2017 - "Circus of miracles", "Aivengo Prodaction". Moscow. Free-flying Pole.
2017 - Cafe Hahn, Koblenz, Germany. Comedy aerial silks, Character.
2016 - 2017 - Circus of dancing fountains "Aquamarine". Free - flying Pole.
2016 - Festival Feux de la Rampe 2017 - Brunoy (France). Gold Prize Winner. Free- flying Pole.
2016 - Created a new act: "lampadAIRe" - Free-flying Pole.
2015 - Bolshoi Theatre, Moscow. Opera "Rigoletto".Aerial Silks.
2015 - Moscow Music Hall. Aerial silks.
2013 - 2015 - "Idee Fixe theater and circus Company" Aerial silks, contortion, Character.
2013 - "Happy Valey", Shenchzhzhen, China. Contortion.
2012 - Moscow Nikulin`s Circus.
2011- Cristmas Show tour in theatre with "Idee Fixe Company", France and Switzerland
2011 - Grand Gala Show in Pyongyang, N-Korea. Contortion.
2010 - USA, Theatre tour with Moscow State Circus. Contortion.
2010 - Chile, tour with Circo Jumbo. Aerial silks.
2009-2010 MMDM, Moscow, Christmas Show with "Idee Fixe Company".
2009 - SOUQ WAQIF FESTIVAL, Doha, Qatar. Contortion.
2009 - Moscow Nikulin Circus. Aerial silks duo and Contortion with balls.
2008 - France , Christmas Show "Guliver". Contortion with ball.
2008 - Tigerpalast variete, Frankfurt, Germany. Aerial silks act.
2008 - Neues Theater, Frankfurt/Hochst. Germany. Aerial silks act.
2008 - England, Theater tour “Moscow ballet la classique”. Contortion and Aerial silks.
2008 - Tallin (Estonia) galas. Contortion with balls.
2008 - England (Moscow state circus) Contortion and Aerial silks.
2007 - Moscow Nikulin's Circus. Contortion with balls.
2007 - England, Ireland, theater tour (Moscow State Circus) Contortion and Aerial silks.
2006 - Cristmas Show “Ice Show” (Moscow). Aerial Silks act.
2005 - Special act IFA (Berlin, Germany). Choreografer Debra Brown(Cirque Du Soleil).

GALA and event project for: FIAT, KIA, BMW, Brilliance, Loreal, Max Factor, Samsung, MTV,
Chevrolet, Philips(IFA Berlin), Bang & Oulfsen, Greek International Forum(Athens), Russian Fashion week, and others.
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Olga Golubeva - contacts

mob: 007 926 389 56 26

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